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CRT (Critical Race Theory)

What is CRT?

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is an academic concept stating race is a social construct. In this theory, racism is not just the result of individual prejudice but is deeply embedded in our legal systems, shaping the inequalities in society. CRT started as a legal concept but is now used to explain phenomena in other fields, including education. CRT in education explains the racial inequalities in the education system and class curriculums.  

As much as there are many advocates, the idea of teaching Critical Race Theory in schools has received a substantial amount of opposition as well. There have been a number of demonstrations in school districts across the country, and some states have passed or have discussed passing legislation that hinders CRT from being taught to students. 

Below are some helpful links that explain CRT in-depth, points of conflict, and how different parties are reacting to the controversy. 


This article provides a general guide to Critical Race Theory, from how the concept began to the progression of debate on CRT. It explains the opinions of both sides of the controversy.


This article shows the status of legislation of individual states on teaching CRT in schools. As CRT is a continuing discussion in most states, changes in status are to be updated.  


This article discusses what teachers have to say about Critical Race Theory and what they consider the educational value of teaching CRT in schools.

Key Themes of Critical Race Theory
What is Critical Race Theory?